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Container Refill Program

As the frost and snow descends, robust branches of cedar, pine, and fir are replacing the darling buds of May.

Fresh evergreen arrangements are an ideal way to utilize your summer containers for another season.  Many of us already get additional use out of our containers by replacing spring pansies and marigolds with fall mums and kale.  In November the containers are sitting there; why not use them?


With over twenty years of floral and decorating experience, let us bring the color and warmth of the holiday season into your home or business by refilling your empty containers.


Medium Container Refill -  from $49.00

Large Container Refill -       from $69.00

Window Box Refill -            from $15 a foot

Containers may be upgraded with Lights, Garland, and other enhancing accessories.


Branches and Berries Pricing

Make your own Arrangements


Red Twig Dogwood Branches

Medium Bundle (10 Stems)  to 24" long                $6.oo per Bundle

Large Bundle   (4 to 6 Stems)  30 to 42" long        $8.00 per Bundle

XL Branches    ( 1 Branch)  42" and Larger             $5.00 per Stem


Winterberry Holly Branches

Medium Bundle (5 to 6 stems) 18 to 24" long           $8.00 per Bundle

Large Bundle       (4 to 6 stems) 24 to 36" long          $15 per Bundle

XL Branches         ( 1 Branch)   42" and Larger          from $10 per Stem


Also Available in limited quantities - Prices Vary

Rose Hips, Sumac, Ornamental Grasses, Hydrangea Tops,more...

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