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What could man make that would be more beautiful than what Mother Nature has already provided us. We believe that our style and expression grows bolder by keeping it simple. From garden flowers and foliage to birch boughs, boxwood and bittersweet, we use the best of the what the land offers us and bring it to you with nature's inspiration. Depending on the time of season, you'll find us working with curly willow, ferns, succulents and moss. Other times you may see pine branches, Holly and Hydrangea.

Our fresh cut flowers, centerpieces, and living containers reflect the natural beauty of our local environment, because that's where they come from. We try to get everything we offer from our own fields as well as local and sustainable sources.

The addition of live plants and natural materials can set a stunning stage for any space. We help plan and provide decor intended for your specific space or purpose. Using simple, coordinated table decor for a small private occasions and large events, we recommend inviting mother nature to any gathering.



"You really outdid yourself this time. Your flowers really made our wedding pictures special !"

Allison and Jordon


“I want to thank you all for your help on wedding shower. Everything was so beautiful and our guests were blown away.”

Macey and Aaron


“You guys really rocked my graduation party. Who knew decorations could be so much fun”

William B


I just love, love, love my whole landscape. It is just so beautiful.  I would recommend you to anyone.

Barb C

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